Jul 28, 2011

Last Shift in Tacoma

After 17 years as a medic in the state of Washington, I'll be moving to a slightly warmer location next week. I've taken a job in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm sorry - that's as much as I can say about the new job for now.

When I moved here in 1994, I was an atheist. I hated the people I transported and didn't like Tacoma, either. A lot has changed since then. Tacoma isn't the smelly, rat - infested town it once was and I'm not the same rat I used to be. God gave me a new heart, a new lease on life and a powerful way to touch people around me. He's pretty cool like that. I enjoy my job more than I did when I started the journey. That's a rare thing in EMS, but the Holy Spirit will add years to anyone's career.

I have a few stories from my days in Tacoma that have yet to be published. They should all be up in the next few weeks. After that we'll pick up from the new location.

I'm planning on trying some new things. One will probably be a live broadcast from this page. I may even broadcast a live street healing. I'll let you know when that will happen in advance, so you can tune in.

Now I want to share a few things that have been on my heart for some time.

Our nation and indeed, the world is at a crossroads. I'm not trying to be cliche'. I'm concerned about some things God has shown me. I'm concerned - but not afraid. We need to be prepared for major changes in the way we live. The times we're entering will require us to be united like we've never been before. I see darkness advancing swiftly, but I also see the light growing more intense. There is a separation coming; a defining of light and dark. Lines will be drawn and we'll be forced to stand on one side or the other. We need to prepare our hearts and minds for some big challenges and if you're just hearing about this, you're late getting started.

When you need food and there isn't any to be found, don't give in to fear. Know that God can provide what you need. His disciples multiplied the loaves of bread and fed thousands. We're going to need this kind of faith in the days ahead. Share what you have and God will give more. He knows your needs and cares for you. Remember that these difficulties aren't His doing; they come from the enemy. Don't blame God - trust Him. Be people of the kingdom.

When hospitals won't take the sick and injured anymore, remember what you've seen here and consider the miracles of Jesus. All this has been an example for you, to use in your community. Gather friends and heal the sick wherever they are. Be people of the kingdom.

When shortages come, don't go to the cities looking for what isn't there any more. Stay home and live off what you have. Don't give in to fear. God can provide what you need. Don't get caught in the riots or you'll become a casualty. Learn the lessons from those who have been down this road before you. Keep yourself and family in good spirits, help others in whatever way you can and God will be your rear guard. Be people of the kingdom.

Establish communities of safety when chaos comes. Band together with neighbors, share what you have. Live simply, not extravagantly or violently. Pray for one another. Heal one another, and watch out for the safety of the group. There is strength in numbers. Don't give in to corruption because lawlessness abounds; integrity matters. Be people of the kingdom.

Consider praying for my family as we prepare to embark on a new chapter of our lives. We greatly covet your prayers. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for allowing me into your life. I never thought it would turn out this way. It really is a dream come true.

(In more ways than one)

Praying Medic


  1. praying medic you will be missed. . . seriously though, the word you posted is exactly what we have been discussing as well. not being an alarmist, only practical application of faith in the season ahead.. God has given you Truth in abundance and may those who read have their hearts quickened to the urgency of the kingdom. God bless you and your family in amazing ways, elizabeth

  2. When i read this I got a picture of a deer standing in the road paralyzed by the headlights it was seeing.
    This is a good word. One to take to heart. That we must not walk paralyzed no matter what we face, instead we are from heaven, citizens and we have dominion over all the enemy and his tactics.
    As for you my friend, you are more than that to me...tears...you are my brother, what would I do without my brothers hand extending it to me? I will hang onto it, no matter what.

  3. I've read many of your writings and comments on other pages. But brother this one was anointed and full of God's truth. God bless you in your new Hoe and new job.