Dec 9, 2011

A Discussion About Faith For Healing

This is a discussion on faith for healing the sick. In summary - faith that heals the sick consistently is not generalized, but specific. It isn't merely believing that God heals the sick, but rather it's a confident expectation that the person you are praying with is going to be healed of the condition they have. The issue we struggle with most is not faith, but doubt. Our doubts tend to be about the question of whether God will actually heal the person we are praying with. When doubt about the specific person and condition we're praying about is replaced with confidence, we will see people healed consistently.

1 comment:

  1. Right on, glad to see you teach this as it's confirmation of what I had concluded after having gotten myself healed a few times years ago. If I don't expect something to happen, nay, have *excitement* about what must happen next, then nothing will happen for me. The times I had healing happen those were present. The reason these are not present is because of some doubt or as Roger Sapp says, disqualification.

    It's fascinating how you got dreams showing you healing. I've never had that. I had a dream last night of a broken bone in my body and me furiously trying to get it healed and being unable. Lol. It motivates me to keep pursuing this till I have it working consistently like you do. Thanks again.