Aug 15, 2012

Neurologist Testimony of Healing After Brain Death

This is a powerful testimony from a neurologist, who was paged to go to a hospital to confirm the brain death of a young woman who had a brain tumor. The patient suffered herniation and the neurosurgeon declared her brain-dead. She was being prepared as an organ donor. After praying with her friend, the doctor drove to the hospital. On the way to the hospital  the patient made a full recovery.

1 comment:

  1. If only they had caught it 20 minutes earlier?

    That had to be one fast growing brain tumor!

    How does one clinically observe brain herniation in REAL TIME, anyway?!? Was the patient in an MRI scanner at the time?!?

    Some miracle... The first MD cleary misdiagnosed her and the patient NEVER WAS BRAIN DEAD TO BEGIN WITH! The amazing 'healing doc' arrived just in time to catch his MISTAKE. Gee, why do you think almost all institutions require an independent SECOND EXAM to be performed?

    There has not to date been one irrefutable, independently verified case of someone who met ALL the rigorous clinical criteria for brain death who was miraculously revived later.

    This video was nothing but preaching to the choir!

    Religion is nothing but fantasy!

    (BTW - I post anonymously only because I don't want my email to be inundated with your insipid comments.)