Oct 18, 2014

Angelic Encounter in the Hospital - Anthony Murray

My guest blogger today is Anthony Murray.

It's 2 am here, but if I don't write this now, I know I'll put it off and you'll all be harassing me like good Christians do, ha ha.  So anyways, as some of you know, last Wednesday a week ago, my 15 year old daughter got very sick. She has diabetes since she was six and a half.

She finds herself operating within different boundary lines and as a result, lets her control of the diabetes go, resulting in her getting ketoacidosis, which put her in intensive care—critically ill and according to the doctors, we nearly lost her.

I get a call on the Wednesday afternoon letting me know this, so I drop everything and head in to the hospital. I begin to pray as I drive and begin to steel myself for the reaction I imagine I'll encounter from people when I place my God-filled hands on her and pray for however long it takes, seeing as I believe persistence is a key element in breaking through.

In a way that I've come to know, I felt the Lord's hand on my shoulder just as a friend would, and I heard Him whisper in my ear, "I got this! She's going to be alright."

Now there's a tone He uses with me which is both reassuring and informing, and in this case, instructional. He was reassuring me that she'd be okay, and instructing me that there was a bigger picture going on here, and He was letting me know not to do the whole "lay hands on and push till ole death backed off like he ought to." It's not the first time he's tried to take her life, and it's not the first time he's gotten a smack on the nose from me, as every good Christian ought to do.

So the Lord told me not to plan on sleeping in the intensive care unit that night as I normally would, but to create space in the unit for kingdom activity. That is, to clear out the room both naturally and spiritually.

When I arrived (in a place of rest by the way) you would not believe the resistance I met and the people who attacked my identity. I put some people out of the room and gave instructions that only her mum and I were allowed in, then I cleared out the room spiritually.

I'd never seen my daughter so sick, hooked up to all kinds of machines. I sent her mum off after a while to get a night's sleep as I knew I wouldn't be sleeping. I refused the camp bed the nurses offered and sat in a chair just practicing opening heaven around me, as I do at home. I felt the Lord telling me that He wanted me to be aware of, carry, and release what is normal in a worship setting, a prayer meeting etc., in a real time chaotic and unfriendly environment. He was teaching me the difference between victory and triumph.

So I did not engage in a "battle" or "spiritual warfare" with the enemy who was attacking my daughter and my own soul through the people he sent. Instead, I sat in the chair by my daughter and I rose up in awareness to where I was seated far above the powers that were assailing us, and I reveled in the victory already accomplished. In the midst of the pain, I celebrated with extravagant praise before the throne, triumphing over the enemy I now saw cowering before me , knowing I was aware that he was being paraded before us, whom he thought he could assail without consequence.

I called him to attention to hear me forgive and bless those who'd come against me. He was not happy. My attention was not on him in battle, it was on the one who had already defeated him. All the while I was releasing more of heaven into the room. I placed my baby girl's hand in mine and I quietly told the enemy he had to leave now and I released the kingdom into her. I sat back and soaked in the very manifest presence of God, my heart oozing with love for wonderful Jesus.

A short time later she threw up a load of black bile like substance, and from that point she became much more relaxed, stable, and the pain she'd complained about in and out of consciousness was no longer mentioned. The nurses would come in every hour to do tests etc, and make sure she wasn't slipping into a coma. That's how I know that it was from that point that she shifted into an upward direction from the downward stats she was giving.

During the course of all this I became aware of angelic presence in the room. Now I know that there are always angels around, but for me there are times when I become aware specifically of a presence. Through experience and trial and error I've come to know that there is purpose in these times that is initiated by Father rather than me just focusing my attention and becoming aware of the spiritual realm around me. So, I tend to sense beings, presences etc., then I will press in asking the Lord questions. I hear and then begin to feel and see as I yield to what the Lord answers me.

On this occasion I sensed a being at the head of my daughter's bed. He was leaning over her and had wings which were stretched out forward over her. There were green feathers and I knew this was healing. I have had many encounters with angels, none of which I initiated, and have never seen wings on any of them. This was the first time I've ever seen one with wings. That's why I say "being" rather than "angel." I understand that there are winged beings, and I've seen them in the throne room at times, but I've never seen an account in the bible where an angel appeared that was described with wings, so this was kind of new for me.

During the night, the nurses, cleaning folk etc, would come in to do their tests and duties. I could see on some of them that they had beings attached to them, I knew these to be demons. What struck me was, the being covering my daughter would lift a wing aside to allow nurses and doctors to attend to her but remained over her fiercely.The demons were terrified, nearly in agony at the sight and stayed far from the bedside. As soon as the doc or nurses were done, the wing would go back over her.

All the while the being was bent over her, he was whispering into her...like the words were going deep inside of her. I knew this was the Lord speaking life and bringing to remembrance stuff He'd spoken to her. All the while, I was aware that in some strange way, this was all part of the plan and it was orchestrated so that I would be there to cooperate with what God wanted to do in her life. NO, I am not suggesting it was God's idea or plan for that to happen to her. He's just always a thousand steps ahead of the enemy's plots and schemes.

For the record, a friend of mine who is a seer, called me up a couple of days later and told me she was praying for my daughter and she described a being that she felt was the Son of righteousness, who was leaning over her bed with green outstretched wings, whispering wisdom deep into her. (I did not tell her about what I saw until after she told me this, A bit of confirmation is always good, eh?)

Okay, so there's more. About 3 am I was sitting worshiping , loving on God, and again I became aware of activity behind me. On doing my usual exploration and inquiring of the Lord, I saw six angels of the usual type , with no wings. They were standing in an arc around me. I saw that they each had a bow of fire and an arrow of fire in their bows. I asked the Lord what the story was here. Again, I'd never had an encounter where I saw fiery bows and arrows. I must say also, that though I have encounters like this, I do not shake, bake, rattle, fall down, manifest like people do. I don't believe the ability to operate in a gift or to spiritually sense things or to have visions is a sign that a person has attained some great thing. I believe these are all part of the normal new creation life.

Back to the six angels with the bows and arrows of fire. Well, I asked the Lord, "What this was all about?"

He replied, "They are waiting for you to give the declarations that they might release their arrows."

I immediately thought of the word that speaks of "His holy ones who perform His word." I have long known that nothing is done without a decree being made by His mouth on earth. So I opened my mouth and began to prophesy and decree, just tapping into His flow. A lot of what I spoke were words of destiny, identity, calling etc., but it came out strong with great authority. Then I saw the angels pull back their bows. They seemed to strain to pull them back as far as they could go. I looked at my daughter to see the arrows hit, but to my great surprise, they aimed their arrows up and away from her. I could hear the arrows whiz and the fire crackle fiery dart as they were releases at great speed. I thought this strange, that they didn't aim them at her, until I noticed that there were fine cords of fire attached to each arrow, and each cord was attached at the other end deep inside her.

I looked again in the direction the arrows were fired and I saw that a portal of sorts had opened that the arrows had flown through. I knew instinctively that it was a portal to the future. I saw the cords become taut as the arrows flew toward their mark somewhere in her future. The cords snapped tight and the force of the cords pulling was like as the rope you would use to tow a truck. I could almost see my daughter lift as the arrows pulled her in the direction they were traveling. I asked the Lord about this, and He replied, "Those arrows are my words over her. They are sure and true and will hit their mark. The cords are securely attached to my daughter.  They are part of her now and those arrows are going to pull her into her destiny and calling in her future. It is a father who gives identity and has the authority to speak destiny, that is why your own identity and authority was attacked here. You were here for this reason, don't underestimate the eternal significance of this night."

As you might guess I was a wreck after that. A joyous wreck. Okay, so do now you see why I needed time to write this? Its 5:30 am now. Yes, it actually takes me that long to write what I can say in 10 minutes. I hope this story encourages someone. All of my encounters have begun with me responding to an impression from the Lord that could easily be missed simply because it was such a faint impression. It is always faith that opens up the encounter and a true encounter always has an earthly application. Anyways, I should get an hour or two's kip afore I take my wee'uns to the zoo. Good morning and God Bless you all. Thanks for bearing with this rather long story.

Wonderful Jesus ;)

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  1. What a wonderful story! God is so good. Blessings to your family :)