Feb 2, 2010

Art Mathias testifies

Dr. Art Mathias is founder of Wellspring Ministries. This is his testimony of healing.

In February 1997 I was injured in a snowmachine accident. It took several months, and much agony, to understand what had happened to me. I had ruptured three discs in my neck. My right arm and shoulder atrophied to the point where I had little strength or use left in them. The doctors told me that I would never regain the former strength or full use of my arm.

In January 1998, after the doctors finally figured out what was wrong, I had surgery to fuse four vertebrae in my neck. After the surgery the severe cramping in my arm and shoulder was gone but I found that almost everything that I touched or ate caused me to hurt. The tips of my fingers and toes were numb and the numbness was progressing up my arms and legs.

My nerves were dying in my toes and fingers and I was now allergic to almost all foods and clothing. The Mayo Clinic diagnosed me with small fiber neuropathy and predicted that it would progress up my arms and legs until it reached a vital organ and then I would die.

My sister sent me tapes from a seminar she had attended which taught about the connection between sin in our lives and disease. As I listened to the tapes and applied the Biblical principles to my own life, I was healed.

I was raised in a Christian home, and graduated from a Christian college with a degree in Bible and psychology. I never understood that I had unforgiveness and bitterness in my life, yet by God’s grace and the Holy Spirit, I was convicted that I did. I began to learn how my physical ailments were a consequence of those sins in my life.

In my resentment and unforgiveness, my body had produced too much adrenaline which had weakened my immune system, thus allowing the allergies. The allergies were causing my nerve endings to die—to the point that the doctors believed the process would cause my death within a few years.

After I forgave others and myself, God healed my nerve damage, restored my right arm and shoulder completely and healed all my allergies. My health was restored!

When people saw the dramatic changes in my life, they began to ask me what had happened. I began to share my story—and what God had done in my life. This led to the founding of Wellspring Ministries, as many other people wanted to learn to apply the Biblical principles of forgiveness in their own lives.

In Acts 10:34, scripture says, “Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons… .” We are each precious in His sight. What He has done for me and for our ministry clients, He can and will do for you!

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