Feb 26, 2010

Traveling in The Spirit

I'm seeing more reports of people being moved from one place to another, supernaturally. I'd like to examine those experiences today. One type of experience is when we are taken in the spirit somewhere, but our physical body remains in the same place. I believe most of us do this when we dream. It can also occur when we're awake. Some people travel in the spirit to another location with their physical body, through the dimension of the spirit. There are other reports of people appearing to be in two places at the same time. I don't want to be led into deception or heresy about this subject. But if it's something God wants us to experience, I don't want to miss out because of my own skepticism. So I'd like to examine what the bible says about them.

Ezekiel was transported in the spirit and describes the experience in Ezekiel 8. He was moved from his dwelling place outside Israel during the captivity and taken some distance to Jerusalem. Phillip experienced a similar thing after baptizing the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:39). Paul described his trip to heaven, confessing he didn't know if he was there only in the spirit or in his physical body. (2 Cor. 12:2) While friends were interceding for Peter, he was mysteriously freed by an angel. It's obvious he didn't know if it was a vision or an experience in the natural (Acts 12:8-10) After traveling through a gate, which opened by itself, he arrived at home. Someone made the comment that it wasn't Peter, but his angel, which begs the question - were people know to have experiences in which angels appeared as friends and family? Much of the book of Revelation is an account of the things John saw and heard while being taken to different places in the spirit realm and in the natural.

Jesus was often slipping away and reappearing mysteriously. He appeared walking on water. (Matt. 14:25) He disappeared after talking with the the two disciples he met on the road to Emmaus and re-appeared to a different group shortly after. (Luke 24:31-36) He appeared to the disciples again in a room where the doors were closed, which seems to imply he either walked through a wall or materialized before them. (John 20:26) Jesus also made a fascinating comment about the fact that we would do the things he did; “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. (John 14:12)

There's plenty of scriptural backing behind transportation in the spirit. One could even argue that Jesus wanted us to do the very things he did and more. But some are stumbled at these ideas. I'm setting aside my biases and letting God do what he wants. The word says 'to those who believe, all things are possible'. John Crowder wrote a blog post in which he described his own experience of bi-location.

If you listen to the men and women having these experiences they all tell a similar story; the experiences are a byproduct of living in a deeper relationship with God.

Here are 2 videos in which people discuss their experiences of traveling in the spirit. The first video is an interview with Ian Clayton who talks about his experiences and the biblical basis for them. The second features Jeff Jansen.


  1. i love these stories...=D

  2. All this garbage about translocation, bilocation is straight-up sorcery, plain & simple. Participate in this demonic teaching at your own peril!
    The New Testament places ZERO emphasis on these types of manifestations; in the Book of Acts it is recorded only ONCE, and it was by GOD'S initiative, not by the prideful, soulish will of MAN. Few will heed this warning, simply because they have already bought into other teachings by the same men pushing this demonic garbage in the form of "higher spiritual empowerment". You can't say I kept quiet & watched it happen.

    1. I completely agree, from what i understand it is used by people who are a part of the occult. Something i definitely would not want to play with!!!

    2. I agree with these two people..Gold teeth? Greater dimensions...this is all nonsense...BEWARE!! people...there is no other way,,,there is no other truth....Than Jesus...Test yourselves and see if n you are in the truth

    3. Religion has blinded the eyes ofor God's people. I have experienced what ian has and it's real. You are going to need this the days ahead.

  3. Wonderful testimony of the power of the Holy spirit and how we must share this belief.
    I've been taveling in the holy spirt for years and have been thought of as a nut--- but belive that God has set some things in place and has shown me some of which will happen soon- very soon.
    As much as you know what the holy spirt feels like when it comes upoun you,whatthis man is saying is true.

    This is my first computer and my first attempt at seeing if i was the only one who traveld with the holly spirt......Great is God!!!
    Please someone contact me who cares...Thank you

  4. Ah. Now I know what Elisha eant when he said his spirit had gone with Gehazi, when he took the silver and clothes from Naaman...

  5. Wow. This is actually all OVER the Bible, if you are looking for it, if you're willing to see it. I had NO IDEA!

  6. PM, you are always a blessing ^_^ I love how you put stuff out there for everyone to enjoy, crash against, revile, be bewildered by, or just plain grow, and regardless of the response you just keep pressing forward! This is fantastic stuff!

  7. I haven't watched the videos yet but wanted to say thanks for sharing this. I believe this is something the Lord wants us to understand. I just saw a man on Sid Roth sharing on this very same topic. He said the Lord wanted him to teach others how to do it to use for the times we're living in now and for whats coming..I want EVERYTHING HE wants to give me for His purposes!!!

  8. I don't understand why people stumble with this... don't they know that God can do anything. And that that includes things that aren't included in the Bible? Don't they realize that when Jesus turned water into wine He did something that the Bible until then (OT) hasn't spoke about? Or that Moses by their standards couldn' have prayed that the Red Sea should be splitted, since the Bible wasn't written yet?

    People that say that a miracle couldnät have happened because a similiar thing isnät mentioned in the Bible often stress that if it do happen, it is the devil's work. Thus, they make the devil more powerful than God, because the evil one can do anything, bout God can only do things that He chose to include in the Scriptures. But the Scriptures themselves NEVER says that they are the guideline for the only possible miracles that God can do. On the contrary, they say that Jesus' disciples shall do greater things than Jesus, as quoted above. Thus, extra-biblical miracles happening today are not antibiblical. They are only false miracles by the devil if they oppose true doctrine or give honour and praise to any other name than Jesus Christ.

    With this said, bilocation is a fact. When it comes to the saint padre Pio who died 1968, there are hundreds of testimonies from all over the world describing how he met and ministered to people. he prayed with them, taught them the Word of God and prophecied over their lives. The most dramatic and well documented bilocation of st Pio is when God hindered his village San Giovanni Rotondo from getting bombed during the second world war by letting Pio appear in the sky in front of the bomb planes. There were several attempts to bomb this town, but every single pilot saw "a monk in the sky", including the chief for the Italian air force, Bernando Rosini.

    Don't oppose this phenomena, body of Christ. It is a fantastic evidence of Godäs existence and power. Shout it out to the unsaved. There is a world out there dying because they think that God does not exist. And when Christians here about an undenyable miracle, they oppose it because "it never happened in the Bible". Did any person use handkerchiefs in the healing ministry before Paul came? No, and does that mean that Paul is a heretic? If not, why do you say that bilocation i "garbage"?

  9. I have had several dreams and visions without my "attempting" them where I have been taken specific places. It was entirely real, I heard, felt, smelled everything as if I were physically there.

    I will say this though, anyone who want's to "learn" how to travel spiritually, is headed for deception. We seek God and HE arranges our "travel itinerary" so to speak.

    As for Sid Roth, the man has been under demonic influence for at least the last 8 years. He came to our church and began "prophesying" over people, as he went down the line his right arm and hand curled up like a claw and he began dragging his right leg. It was grotesque and demonic. I was shocked how many people actually allowed him to "lay hands" on them.

  10. Thanks for the feedback. (Even the negative) This is by far the subject that receives the most comments on this blog. If God had not given me dreams about it, I probably wouldn't have written about it. But He did, so I blogged. Glad to hear my friends are encouraged by it.

    Cadoa - great observation.

    Peter - part of writing publicly is knowing who you are and what you're called to write about. Critics come & go. Some are helpful, some aren't. I know what God wants me to write about, so I'm not easily swayed by critics, although I do take their observations into account and when they're right, I make changes. Thanks for your encouragement.

  11. You are into Eckankar. http://www.eckankar.org/index.html

    If it looks looks, smells, acts, and is the same as Eckankar, it IS Eckankar. which uses the name of God and Jesus also, but the eckankar god/jesus is not the true God/Jesus.

    You are in a mixture of a lot of false and half truths, with a sprinkling of actual truth which acts as a lure.

    You can do what you want with your beliefs but it is a whole different game to bring others into your false mixture of spirits. Especially the very vulerable sick people who are so desperate for help. If you present yourself as a teacher or guide, then you have a greater responsiblity if you mislead people into false doctrine, misinterpreted scriptures and inviting ungodly practices which are an abomination to the true God.

    People, read your bible for YOURSELVES! Not just one or 2 misinterpreted verses here or there, not just going off of "experieces". Experiences are not something to base your faith and truth on. I can experience a situation one way and you can experience the exact same situation a different way. Experiences are subjective and not always factual.

    If you are misled because you believe what someone tells you without seeking the truth for yourselves, then you have a part in the responsibility for your own misleading.

    You may think this is unkind and unloving..but what I am saying is the most loving thing I can do because I love and care about you all enough to tell you the TRUTH.

    It would be unloving if I didn't care enough not to speak the truth.

    in these last days, Satan will blind even the most elect believer but they won't know they are being blinded because they are blind to it.

    Please, please, please, seek the true God and His Truth about this.

    Some other things to be aware of, if you are traveling out of your body, your body is left empty. The bible talks about how evil spirits move into an empty house. You may return to your body and find that you are not the only occupant anymore. It is subtle most of the time.

    Every instance in the bible where someone was transported somewhere or was taken up in the Spirit was done by God, not by the people. they did not seek it, they did not meditate or get to "that place" to make it happen. God did it all, he didn't need anyone's help.

    There are lots of different names for this :transendental meditation, astral projection, soul projection, astral plane, etc.

  12. Cool site! Thank you for this. These things are meant to be explored, not feared. I was sent here by someone using this site to show that you, Ian, are a false prophet. I used to go to Bay City and had many interesting convos with you. I think this is bold and daring. Good on you!

  13. Exciting! Although the Gospel is the most important, I think all these periphial weapons are so important too - - the Word supports it! Many talk now adays of "Remote Viewing" and the secret Government's involvement with such spiritual weapons. Why aren't Christians taking their place in the Heavenlies more? We're letting the Enemy own all this stuff! I am searching out more and more examples of Christians who have had spirit trips, and I appreciate your help to post these! Bless you brother!

    1. Starsword - You might be interested in some of the posts on my new blog:
      Translation by faith (featuring Bruce Allen):

      And a Facebook post on Traveling in the Spirit:

      Thanks for dropping by,


    2. Wow- I google on 'Travelling in the spirit' after some recent experiences I've been having and look where I end up-lolol! (Small world Praying Medic!)
      Only posted on your FB page a few minutes ago! lol

  14. Back in around summer of 1995 I was talking to my brother about wanting to meet other Christian musicians to fellowship with in Florida since I was writing and recording music. Within a few days I had a dream of being somewhere where there was a stage and the lights were dimmed to the audience were people were standing including myself. In the dream I saw and heard a guy playing a saxophone on stage, to his left I saw what looked like a big black table with another saxophone placed on top of it. To my right I perceived that my brother was standing next to me and I told him in the dream that when the saxophone player finished playing that I was going to immediately go and say hello and meet it. After the sax player finished playing I walked towards my left side walking through the people who were standing when he got off the stage and met him saying hello and introducing myself to him. The saxophone player introduced himself (giving me his name) and because his name was not common I instantly woke up from the dream pondering what it meant. I just went ahead and told my brother about the dream and he told me that it might mean that I would meet more musicians as I was wanting to meet. I forgot about it and about three months later a friend from church calls me to let me know that he had one spot for a youth retreat somewhere in the middle of Florida but that it was in two days time so I had to let him know asap if I wanted to attend. I asked for the day off at work and called my friend to let him know that I would go. The day was a Friday we got there in the middle of the boondocks in some Christian camp place that I had never heard of or been to before. We got to the camp about lunchtime noon we got our gear in our rooms, fellowshiped got ready for the nights service at the camp chapel area and right around the middle of the program it began like a heavenly script... (Yes the dream except that instead of my sibling brother who I thought was to my right, it was a church brother to whom I said when the saxophone player finishes playing I'm going to go meet him (exact words as in the dream though. Instead of there being a black table on the left side of the stage with another saxophone laying on top, it was a black grand piano with a saxophone laying on top. When the sax player finished I went to meet him the funny thing about it was that I had forgotten about the dream that I had of the encounter (until) the moment when I shook the sax players hand and we introduced each other with the exact words and (when he told me his name I suddenly realized and remembered the dream that I had three months before) Now think of this, the dream was a prophetic dream or vision where God allowed my spirit to see into the future three months in advance. Exact dialogue, a place that I had never been to before and only got two days notice to attend, exact name of the saxophone player and exact spot where I would see him playing and shake hands with him. That was in 1995 and we are still friends till this day. Time travel may not be possible, but a prophetic vision or dream is God imparting His ability to be in the future visually with details as exact as a saxophone resting on top of a black piano to the left of a stage in a place that I had never been to. All things are possible with God, when we are honestly asking God regarding supernatural things in His kingdom God will answer and give confirmations. There are Christians that still don't believe in speaking in toungues (not that it has to do with being saved) but it is available and all of the believers of the (The Followers of The Way) the name that believers were called at first before being called Christians, anyway the all spoke in tongues when prayed over by the apostles to receive the gift of The Holy Spirit. Would you invite them to your church today?

  15. I do agree since ive walking on adeeper level.all believers wud not understand.only experience is our support as much who disagrees i can understan u all.John was in d spirit as an exaple.we also can b in d spirit.Ive have journeyed in d spirit during fasting an intimate time with God.My term i calls it God sends spiritual chariots for d journey.so im in fuĺl support of journeys in d spirit.