Feb 13, 2010

A Season of Warfare

It's been almost 1 year since the MIPU was born. I plan to post a survey in a few days, asking for your opinions, suggestions and a few other things that might help make this a better blog. I'd appreciate your help in gathering information about you, my readers.

I have some testimonies coming up that are a little different. We'll be hearing from people who claim to have been resurrected from the dead. They'll tell about what they saw and heard between their death and their resurrection....fun times!

The month of December came and went, here in Olympia. I had great expectations that God would do something extraordinary. I received a promise that He would visit our city and pour out His spirit upon us. I was expecting something like what Kansas City is experiencing; a lot of miracles, signs and wonders.

Instead, when the Lord came to town, He began to stir us up for battle. Many people were provoked to anger against the enemy. It was manifest in different ways. Some of us became outraged at the killing of police officers, some at the untimely death of friends. Some have been provoked by social injustice, others by financial hardship. Some of these things affected me, but what made me realize that God was leading us to battle was a change in my dreams.

I haven’t had a lot of dreams involving the theme of warfare, but that’s been the subject of many of my dreams since the holidays. It took a while for me to understand what God was saying. When the messages were decoded, I found myself thrust into a season of equipping, training and learning the strategies of spiritual warfare. So did a lot of people I hang out with. We began having discussions and saw evidence that God had stirred up a small army to lead into battle.

A few weeks ago I heard the Lord whisper to me these words: “An outpouring of My Spirit is a season of celebration after a season of warfare”.

That revelation helped me a lot. God has plans to bring healing, deliverance, evangelism, miracles and many other blessings to my city. But before that happens, He has asked us to remove the powers of darkness.

Everyone involved is approaching this with caution. Most of us have had painful experiences in waging war against the enemy. There is universal agreement; nobody wants to do this unless God leads and protects us every step of the way.

In a recent dream I saw teen-age prophets being used to transform the spiritual darkness over our area into an atmosphere of light. In that changed atmosphere, many people were coming to the knowledge of God.

Great things are coming to our region. As I look around I see people being stirred for battle. The Spirit is moving in many different places. As we intercede for our regions and follow the Commander, darkness will be driven out and the light of God’s glory will shine forth.

This is an addendum to the original post. Several hours after this message posted, I learned that another police officer in Washington was ambushed. A Washington State Patrol trooper was shot in the head early Saturday during a confrontation in the southwest Washington town of Long Beach. Here is an account of the incident from channel 12 news in Portland, Oregon:

Trooper Scott Johnson was taking inventory of a car waiting to be towed on State Route 103 near 12th Street when a man walked up to him. There was a short verbal exchange between the man, a tow truck driver and Johnson before the man pulled out a small caliber handgun and fired two shots, police said.

Johnson suffered two gunshot wounds, one of them to his head, a police spokeswoman said in a news release. He was able to return fire, but it's unknown if the man was hit.Paramedics rushed Johnson to Ocean Beach Hospital and then to Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.

In a statement Saturday morning, Washington State Patrol Chief John Batiste said Johnson was "ambushed while performing what should have been a simple law enforcement task."

"I'm exceptionally thankful that Trooper Johnson is doing well," Batiste said.

Please continue in prayer for our friends in law enforcement.

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  1. My heart bleeds for the law enforcement community. When will this nonsense ever stop? It shakes me to the core and hurts beyond anything I've known in a great long time. I will never stop praying for those who choose to keep us safe and take care of us (police, fire, EMS). Thank you for your blog. It is truly a breath of fresh air and brings hope, peace, love and joy to my spirit. Thank you.