Feb 22, 2010

Joan Hunter Teaching on Healing The Sick

Joan Hunter is a second generation healer. Her parents Frances and Charles Hunter brought her up in a home where supernatural healing was normal. She has written several books on healing. One is called Power To Heal, another is Healing the Whole Man. She has her own channel on XPmedia with videos on healing that can be found here.

Below are two videos in which she demonstrates and teaches on healing. The first video is from a service in Magnolia, Texas in October of 2007. People are healed of numerous traumatic injuries. If you want to heal the sick, but have little experience - Joan is an excellent role model to follow.

The second video is from a healing service in Morrilton, Arkansas also from October, 2007. I apologize for the poor quality of this video. In this service, people young and old are healed of many different conditions.

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