Feb 28, 2010

John Mellor Healing Ministry

John Mellor is an Australian healing evangelist. In the first video, We see John ministering healing to a woman who had a 20 year history of Fibromyalgia and Lupus or Systemic Lupus Erythematosis. This video comes with a warning for those who aren't used to seeing the Holy Spirit at work. The woman being healed suddenly collapses on the floor. Some might find it shocking or offensive. But consider this - the healing power of God is every bit as real and powerful as an energized power line. If someone were to suddenly come in contact with that, they would be stunned at least and possibly rendered unconscious. This is not uncommon where God's power is at work, though it creates intellectual problems for many.

In the second video the woman tells about the healing and explained that power suddenly flowed into her body as John prayed for her and that's why she was knocked down. John's method of healing is a little different from that used by others. I'd ask you to consider the results, more than the method. In the third video many people testify of conditions they were haled of when he prayed for them. In the fourth video we hear the testimony of a man who was blind, paralyzed and was a diabetic. He tells of all the things he was healed of.

John's website can be found here.


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  2. Isn't fybromyalgia a pseudo-disease which exists only in countries where they can collect welfare payments if they have it?