May 20, 2010

Healing Amputees - Part 1

Skeptics often ask, "Why doesn't God heal amputees?" I have two responses to this question:

1) He does. I'll be posting one of those stories as soon as I get the rest of the information I requested.

2) Why does He need to heal them physically? What does a healed amputee prove about God that another miracle doesn't? If an amputee isn't healed, does it mean God despises them? Does it mean amputees are somehow inferior? The internet has a number of blogs hosted by skeptics. They hold out a challenge to God and we foolish believers - 'Show me evidence of an amputee who was healed and I'll believe in your god'. The challenge seems to imply that God isn't who we say He is, because He isn't powerful enough or compassionate enough to heal amputees.

Healing comes in many forms. Some healing happens in the body, some in the soul, some in the spirit. We tend to focus on the physical body and perhaps give physical healing too much emphasis. I know of many people with perfect physical bodies who are horribly wounded, emotionally or spiritually. They've been cut off from hope, life and love. Many of them don't have as single healthy relationship. The demonic voices in their heads are their only source of companionship. Cut off from the life of God, you might call them spiritual amputees.

Which is the most important kind of health to have?

Does a man need to have a perfectly functioning body to live a life that honors God or is worth living?

Staff Sergeant Heath Calhoun is one guy who is getting along well with a few body parts missing. His life is full of adventure, purpose and honor. He's accomplished a lot of things I'll never do. I'm inspired by his story.

Check it out...

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  1. Not to mention Nick Vujicic, just google him. Is it God's desire and will for Nick to have a complete body, absolutely. Can Nick be used by God and accomplish God's will until that miracle is completely manifested, absolutely.

    Thanks for the post, would love to hear the testimony about the amputee you mention.