May 5, 2010

Praying For the Captain

She was a frequent flyer; a lonely soul with nothing better to do than spend her days in the emergency room watching TV, talking to nurses and doctors. They do the usual work up and send her home after finding nothing...again.

The captain had a Texas sized grin as we walked toward each other in the alley. We avoided the dog poop and carefully approached the scene. "Where ya been buddy - you don't write, you don't call..." It had been a few weeks since I saw Ron, (not his real name) one of my favorite engine officers. I love his attitude and sense of humor. He filled me in on our patient; a LOL (little old lady) with a benign problem that arose in 1972. She spent the night in the ER . They sent her home and and told her to call back if she wasn't feeling better in 12 hours. That was one hour ago.

Ron asked what I'd been up to. I told him I'd been blogging. "Oh, you're one of those guys, huh?" I filled him in on what my blog is about and shared a few healing stories. We soon found ourselves surrounded by the rest of his crew. We talked as my partner got the patient on the gurney. We bid farewell and headed for the hospital, avoiding the dog poop on our way out. We arrived and introduced her to the ER staff. Before we had her moved to the hospital bed, she blurted out, "Where's the remote control? I want to watch TV." My inner man rolled his eyes. I prayed silently for the nurses.

The nurse prophesied as we departed...."You'll be back shortly to take her home, right?"

Ten hours later the end of shift was in sight - less than an hour to go.

Confidence was high.

Dispatch sent us to a familiar address...back to the scene of the crime with the same engine company. We parked at the end of the alley, got out and stepped around the hardened dog poop. A firefighter gave us the universal sign that we were being canceled; repeatedly slashing his hand across his throat. We met the engine company in a alley and talked about healing. I told them a few more stories. To my surprise, the captain asked me to pray for healing for his ribs which had been in a lot of pain. Placing my hand on his ribs and commanding healing, something inside me knew these crazy things happen for some very cool reasons.

Ron, you owe us a testimony if you get healed.

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