May 29, 2010

Vision at The Gate

I'm on vacation and wanted to share an experience I had at the airport. As I arrived at the gate, my wife and I took a seat to wait for boarding, I saw a stewardess walking toward our gate. I closed my eyes. God showed me a vision of her walking and being transformed into someone younger and more beautiful as she continued walking. When it came time to board we got in line and migrated through the tunnel to the aircraft. As we arrived at the door of the plane, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit hit me. I knew He wanted to do something on the flight. At cruising altitude, I beckoned the stewardess toward me and asked her name. I told her about the vision of her that I saw while waiting to board. I prophesied from it that she was being transformed into someone more beautiful and lovely in the eyes of God. She said she was in love with the Lord and we talked about her relationship with God for a while. I told her about the healing I’ve seen and asked if she had anything she needed to be healed of. She told us she recently finished treatment for breast cancer and had some continuing lymph node problems, so we prayed for healing of it. She asked me to pray for her co-worker for some of her problems. I gave her my contact info, hopefully we'll hear back from her soon.