May 7, 2010

Randy Clark on Healing and Miracles

In this video Randy Clark shares a few of his favorite stories.


  1. I prayed with you this morning for total healing in my body in Jesus Name! I've already experienced in near past healing from back pain, I had three back surgeries with rods and screws in my back. I woke up one morning and had so much energy and no pain, that it was amazing! I am also HIV+, cancr, diabetic,and a lot more illnesses. I take 13 pills in the morning and 8 at night. I believe in what Jesus did on the cross. I have also been delivered from a 21year addiction of crack/cocaine. I ask that God would reveal to me any unforgiveness in Jesus name. God Bless you Randy Clark! Elaine May

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  3. an intercessor gave me this site with Randy Clark Mirl as the Christian who could pray for my Harrington rods to dissolve and for my spine to grow the bones that i was supposed to be born with. I also have a bone fusion from my own hip on L4-5 done at age 20, second surgery with the rods was done when i was 49 years old, now i am 63 the pain is very bad, since the rods have attached my tailbone at the site of displacement, half on and half off my spinal cord. It is pinched, i can barely sit,stand walk anymore, and am spasmodic and cramping. I have walked 43 years with the Lord Jesus, and at age 25 I got the baptism of the Holy Spirit,from an intercessor who led our prayer group in Jakarta Indonesia 1987.