Oct 21, 2011

Glory Cloud Appears At Bethel Church

It's been reported that a cloud of God's glory appeared last weekend at Bethel Church in Redding, California. The following is one account of what took place that night.

Hundreds of believers travelled to Redding, CA for this year's Open Heaven Conference at Bethel Church. The remaining congregation was engaged in a firetunnel (people lining up to pray for each other) during the very end of the last night session on October 14th, 2011, as suddenly a gold-sparkling glory cloud appeared on the right side of the stage. People also report to have found diamonds on the floor, which supernaturally appeared and grew in size as they were watching. Some claim to have been covered with gold dust on their shirts while worshipping God, or even have received gold covered teeth. For many this was the first supernatural encounter of this type.

Here's how my friend, who captured this spectacular event on camera, described the moment on his Facebook:

"Last night at the end of the Open Heaven's Conference we were doing a fire tunnel (simply praying for people) when gold dust appeared in the air in the front right part of the sanctuary. This was going on for 15 minutes or so when all of a sudden a cloud filled with gold dust appeared and began bellowing up out of no where like smoke then vanishing. Many people were covered in gold dust. This is legit. I have never seen anything like this. I recorded this with my iphone and am reminded that the veil has been torn between our world and the invisible realm. Heaven is invading earth. God is real, and he is demonstrating him self with signs, wonders and miracles all over the world!"

I know this might seem strange of even fake for those of you who haven't been there or don't know Bethel Church and it's humble, presence seeking leaders. That's why I want to clarify that by uploading this video I DO NOT expect ANYONE to believe what you are seeing is a real manifestation. The purpose of this video merely is to share this memory with those who have been there or others who discover meaning in it for their own spiritual lives.


  1. I love it when God's people handle these things with maturity, faith and wisdom. Thank you and Praise God.

  2. PM, why is this video private now?

  3. Darn. I was afraid of that. The person that uploaded the video has changed the settings so that only certain people can view it. I'll see if I can find another one that is public.

  4. Greg - I uploaded my own video. It should work now. Thanks!