Oct 4, 2011

Miracles Still Happen - John Snook

This the testimony of John Snook, who's story was originally published here on Facebook.

As most of you already know, last Thursday night I was admitted to Summereville Medical Center after two days of unsuccessfully battling an illness here at home -- Connie pushed me to go and I am so glad I finally listened to her -- After going through triage and the emergency room thing I was finally taken to a room and because of the hour, I promptly sent Connie home to look after our baby & family -- What happened next I would never have expected - PERIOD!

I don't know if it was a dream a vision, an out of body experience, I really do not know but I kind of woke up in a huge blue room, gorgeous with varying shades of blue everywhere -- To describe it all I can say is it was beautiful. In the middle of the room was a blue haze of some sort with a shape moving inside the haze, a shape I couldn't make out but seemed to be gliding rather than walking -- Anyway, at that point I thought I was dead and didn't know what to expect--So I asked the only relevent question at that time, "Am I Dead?" There was a moment of silence and then, I promise you, a littlesnicker of a laugh from within the haze and a voice, which I recognized, answered "No, that's not why you're here".

Then there was a pause and a complete calm engulfed me as the shape spoke again -- "John, you know who I am and I know you -- It seems you have made some mistakes in your life but that's okay, my memory isn't so good and I have forgotten all about them -- What I know right now is that you have chosen to be obediant and that's all I ever asked anyway -- John, I am giving to you a clean slate, a clean body and a new ministry -- Now, go out and do what I have asked!"

At that moment I shivered like I was freezing cold but when I opened my eyes I was still in good old room 201 at the hospital -- But something was different somehow, and then I realized -- NO PAIN -- For the first time since April 1, 2007 there was absolutely no pain in my body, nowhere, zero pain! I passed it off for s second and then throught back to my dream, vision or what have you -- And I realized, all the pain is gone, not just some of it -- Only God could do that -- I wanted to go back to that blue room and thank Him but an audible, calm and quiet voice from within the room said -- "Thank me by doing my will--Tell everybody that My Son is getting ready to return and when He does, I want ALL my children to come home."

I don't know what it was, but I do know that it was very real and even today, 4 days later there is still such an absence of pain that I feel like I am missing an old friend (LOL) -- Truly, God has given me that clean slate, and the clean body and I can't wait to share His love to the world --

Sorry, those of you looking for a spectacular story, to me, it doesn't get any better!

May God bless you all real good!

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