Oct 27, 2011

Watch one, Do one, Teach one


[dih-sahy-puhl] verb, noun

1. a learner, pupil, disciple

There's an old saying in EMS;

"Watch one, do one, teach one."

The idea is that most of the tasks we do aren't complicated. After watching a demonstration, we should be able to do one. After doing one or two, we should be able to teach someone else to do it. That, in a nutshell, is how you make a disciple.

Today I transported a precious little girl, who was about a month old. Nothing serious. But on the way, I got to talking with her mom, who told me she'd been praying for a few things. One thing led to another and pretty soon we had a church meeting in the ambulance again.

She told me she was a nursing student and we talked about working in healthcare and how it open doors to people who need prayer. I told her some of my stories and the next thing you know she asked how I got people healed.

I had her put out her left arm so I could pretend I was healing her and demonstrate what I do. She said, "It's funny, I actually need healing in my left wrist." She had carpal tunnel syndrome and was having moderate pain at the time. I told her I would get her healed and explain as I went.

I told her about inviting the Holy Spirit to touch people. She seemed to get that pretty easily. I commanded pain and inflammation to leave and for ligaments, nerves, tendons, muscles and bones to be healed, then asked what she felt.

"It feels warm."

I asked if it still hurt. She flexed it and said it did. So I explained that it's okay to pray in the same way three or four times because some healing takes a bit longer. I prayed again and she continued feeling heat as the pain gradually subsided.

We talked about healing and some other problems she was going through and we prayed some more. I told her about this website and gave her a card.

With the enthusiasm she had and after witnessing her own healing, I wouldn't be surprised if she finds herself teaching others how to heal the sick.

Watch one.
Do one.
Teach one.
That's how we make disciples.

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