Oct 24, 2011

Sherry's Chat Healing Testimonies Part 3

The following testimony was shared with me on Facebook by my friend Sherry Evans

Sherry Evans January 15 at 9:51am
God is so creative! He doesn't heal in the same way every time. A woman came on chat asking for prayer for pain in multiple teeth. This is what happened.: "Thanks for praying for me last night Sherry! I had toothache pain all day, but while you prayed I experienced tingling on the right side of my mouth. I actually felt the sensation of receiving a shot of novacain. And then on the left side I felt pressure as if my tooth was actually being drilled on!! Today, I have absolutely no pain in my mouth at all!! Praise God!!" Praying for healing is NEVER boring!

I received a message to pray for someone who was in the hospital with appendicitis. Here are the messages I received about how God had touched her.:

"All praise and honor and glory to the Lord -- Bob reports at the exact time frame you prayed for his sister, Cindy GOT BETTER she has been moved to pediatrics, is on IV antibiotics to clean out the rest of the infection and will be GOING HOME to recover fully before going back for an ELECTIVE surgery instead of an emergency one! Don't ask me how..a blown appendix is a very serious matter! Tests show the mass has resolved and the infection is going away. Bob said his sister took a turn for the better at the exact time you prayed!"
"AMEN got the word today SHE WENT HOME THIS MORNING! HOME! That woman was totally doubled over since Father's Day, so much so she couldn't visit her dad locally on that day. After the hospital admission there seemed to be some confusion about was it appendix or gallbladder but it was clarified today. IT WAS APPENDICITIES. The infection was everywhere internally, and yes the entire mass had resolved so they found her a bed in pediatrics while keeping her on an IV antibiotics NO SURGERY and then KICKED HER OUT OF THERE AND SENT HER HOME is GOD AWESOME OR WHAT??????????????????????? AND yes, for sure the family said SUDDENLY at that hour (when Sherry prayed) she got better. HALLELUYAH! PRAISE THE LORD!"

Healing of neuropathy in a town square: "So Jesus sent you to me, huh?" This was the last thing the man yelled to me as I went to my car. "Yes, sir, He did", I yelled back. The Lord told me to go to a town square and wait. As I saw the man come across the street, I knew that was the person I was to pray for. I asked him if he had pain in his body and he said he had nerve pain from diabetes all through his body. I touched him quickly and asked him how it was. He just kept saying, "huh." He finally told me it was gone! I told him that the Lord loved him so much that He sent me to him. Then I asked him if he knew Jesus as His Lord and he said, "No", and I was able to lead him to the Lord. So precious!