Mar 6, 2012

2012 Fire & EMS Blog of the Year

As part of the blogging community, I'm connected to a network of other bloggers who honor writers with an annual award. The award is the Fire & EMS blog of the year.

Anyone can nominate a blog for blog of the year. But before we go any further, let me explain why I'm mentioning this award.

I don't really care if this blog wins an award or or not. I'm already honored beyond my wildest dreams because I have such faithful friends like you who show up and read what I write and learn with me week after week. That's enough honor for me.

But this blog is about getting a message in the hands of certain people. They need to hear about the reality of God's power to heal and set people free from pain and suffering and in the process, draw them closer to God, Himself. That audience is rather large. But this blog has a small following.

The blogs that are selected to go to the final round for voting, will receive greater attention. More attention means a wider audience of readers and a greater potential to get the message out to people who need to hear it.

My desire is to see more people encouraged, trained and equipped to do the things you read about on this site. If you want to help get the word out, you might consider nominating this blog for that reason.

Of course, that's just my perspective; you're entitled to have your own.

Here is the information about the contest:

Hosted by EMS1, FireRescue1 and, and sponsored by the American Military University, this contest has the goal of finding the best bloggers in the EMS and fire industries.

This is the third year of the contest. This year, we have streamlined the process and made it easier to understand.

The contest has two stages:
Stage 1 – Open Nominations (March 1 – March 10)

Stage 2 – Vote for the Finalists (March 14 – March 21)

The judges will select ten finalists for each category (Fire & EMS) Everyone will then get to vote via poll from these ten (in each category) for their favorite Fire blog and their favorite EMS blog. The voting will be for the “Reader’s Choice” winner for each category. Both of the bloggers will win a pair of ATAC Duty Boots.

To nominate a blog go HERE

Thanks for your support - PM


  1. You got my vote, not that I've ever read any other EMS blog, but yours is one of my favourite blogs, period so that has to count!

    1. Thank you for your support, if we make it past the first round, I'll let you know.