Mar 8, 2012

The Nurse Feels His Presence

It's been a busy couple of weeks on the ambulance. So busy that we've been held past the end of our shift an hour or two almost every day.

Our first encounter came on a transport of a patient going from a nursing home to a hospital for an abdominal CT scan. This was the second day in a row we transported him for the same procedure. The previous day, we brought him to radiology only to learn that his insurance company had not yet authorized the test. So we took him back after waiting for an hour. Today, the insurance approval went through.

While waiting in line for an open scanner room, a nurse came by and asked if we'd been helped. I told her we had and noticed an immobilizer on her wrist. I asked if she wanted to be healed.

With a puzzled look on her face, she asked what I meant. I told her I pray with people and God heals them. She seemed to understand but I could tell she was nervous having a paramedic ask if she wanted to be healed in a busy hospital corridor. I took her aside to an alcove out of the main flow of traffic and said, "If you want to be healed, it will only take a minute." She agreed to let me pray with her.

I asked the Holy Spirit to bring His presence and immediately I felt lightness and joy come over me and I began to sway gently back and forth. (I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this part of the job)

I commanded ligaments, tendons, bones, nerves and muscles to be healed then asked, "What do you feel?"

"Tingling....and it feels better."

I repeated the process and asked how she felt.

She smiled...."The pain is completely gone!"

I asked if she was serious. She was. Her wrist was completely healed. I told her that's how God is - He heals us because He loves us. She had to go back to work.

The next transport was to a nursing home. After dropping off our patient, I gave report. My partner took the gurney outside to clean it. After giving report, I stepped into a hallway and realized I was lost. I walked to the end of the hallway and checked in both directions looking for something familiar.

Just another hallway that I didn't recognize and no obvious clues pointing to the way out.

I decided to go to the nurses station at the other end of the hallway. But I didn't want look like an idiot.

How do you ask for directions to the front door and not look foolish?

I found a nurse who didn't seem too busy and asked if she'd point me in the direction of the front door. She politely gave me the route. And I asked how she injured her wrist.

She looked at the immobilizer and said, "I don't know. I've had a CAT scan, and MRI and all kinds of tests and they can't determine what's wrong with it. It's swollen and hurts like crazy.

"Would you like to be healed?"

"I'd love that", she said with a grin. "I was at a healing meeting last night. I do Reiki healing."

I wondered to myself ..."if you were at a healing meeting last night, why weren't you healed?"

I thought about asking, but I kept it to myself.

"Do you want to be healed?"


"Are you certain?"


I asked the Holy spirit to bring His presence and a few seconds later I was swaying back and forth and commanding her to be healed in the mighty name of Jesus. We were both enjoying the glory when another nurse came by and looked at us strangely.

"We're just having a special moment", she said.

I laughed inside and thought, "it's just as special for me as it is for you".

I asked how she felt.

She looked at her wrist and moved it around. "It feels good."

I said, "Take off the brace, I guarantee you it's healed."

Releasing the Velcro straps she pulled off the brace and tested her range of motion. "Wow....that's amazing. It doesn't hurt at all. There's still a bit of swelling , but it doesn't hurt at all."

"That's how God is. He doesn't do anything half way. The swelling will go down. Just wait a little while and you'll see. Do yourself a favor - get rid of the brace and don't put it back on. You're healed, for good. If the pain comes back, just tell it to leave in the name of Jesus."

It's been a busy few weeks on the Mobile Intensive Prayer Unit. God's been healing and setting people free and I just love working alongside of Him.

Thanks for coming along on the ride.


  1. I love hearing these testimonies!

  2. Glad you like the stories, shall I keep them coming?


  3. Absolutely - please do.

  4. its like hearing those fake preachers on tv. if thats the way the world worked, we wouldnt need doctors and medics to do the actual work and life saving.

  5. Thanks for stopping by the website. Have a blessed day my friend!