Mar 10, 2012

NASA Scientist Investigates Healing Prayer

One of the strongest objections to supernatural healing is the lack of scientific evidence to support the claims that power is released during prayer. The critics argue that if such power is real, we should be able to detect and measure it.

Dr Issam Nemeh, an anesthesiologist and long time healer has teamed up with a NASA research scientist to see if the power of prayer can be measured objectively. Their findings may not be conclusive, but they do open the discussion of healing and prayer to scientific exploration.

The first video introduces the NASA scientist, who explains his proposed method of testing. The second video shows the testing process.


  1. Very interesting, although I'm not sure why we "should" be able to measure everything. If a person gets healed from a noncurable disease, power has undoubtly been released no matter if we find radioactive wavew or not.

    Anyways, I thought you could be interest in this testimony of a healing oil that appears from nothing, i.e. a creative miracle of some sorts. A bit old testimony perhaps. but worth spreading:

    God bless you!

    Micael Grenholm, Sweden

  2. Micael, thanks for the link - very encouraging!

    As far as the skeptics are concerned, they feel as though some kind of objective evidence of the power of God, if it were presented, might convince them. I'm not certain they would be convinced if they did find it, but if the evidence is available, we might as well obtain it. It removes one more leg from the stool upon which they sit.

    Many doctors have decided to classify miraculous healing as "spontaneous remission" or as a case of misdiagnosis when the sick person recovers. To those have faith in God, the answer is obvious. But to the scientific naturalist, the supernatural is the last explanation they can consider. It is only after every other possible explanation has been ruled out that "God" becomes a possible explanation.

    Thanks again!