Mar 14, 2012

Blog of The Year Finalist

I’m pleased (and a little surprised) to announce that the this blog has been selected as a finalist for the 2012 EMS blog of the year contest.

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I care?”

Let me explain:

The purpose of this blog (at least from my perspective) is to spread the message that God is madly in love with mankind and His desire is to see us healed and set free of oppression and sickness. That message is for everyone, but this blog has a target audience or two.

Although many of my readers work outside of healthcare, the target audience I hope to reach is anyone working in the fire service, EMS or the broader field of healthcare.

A few years ago God gave me His vision for changing the world of medicine. It involves the incorporation of healing prayer as one of the primary means of treating illness and injury. Today, prayer is not one of the first options most of us consider when faced with a disease or injury. Sadly, its one of the last, even among believers.

The aim of this blog is to demonstrate that prayer coupled with faith can indeed move any mountain we face and that the rightful place of prayer is at the forefront of our arsenal of weapons against disease and injury.

This message needs to reach more people. Such messages are spread by word of mouth through people like you. We spread the message by telling our friends, posting links on our Facebook pages, Tweeting and using other social networks, and by inviting others to share the message with their friends.

The contest is a means to gain greater exposure in the world. If this blog were to be selected as the winner of the contest, it would be highlighted by several prominent publications and recruit more readers. As a result, more people would see the miraculous works of God and the teaching about healing that is presented on this website.

I said this in my last message, but it bears repeating; my participation in the contest isn’t really about me. Very few of my readers know who I am. The competition isn’t about money. I don’t have ads on this page and you may have noticed I removed the “donate” button. (It seemed pointless, since I hadn’t received any donations). This website is a labor of love. There is no other motivation I need to keep publishing this blog.

My participation in the contest is an extension of my desire to see the works of God openly displayed for all to see so that He would receive honor and glory from those who visit this site. If you share this desire, please consider getting the word out to others.

What next?

For the week of March 14- 21, readers can vote for their favorite blog. After the votes are counted the winners will be announced. There will be two voter's choice awards - one for Fire and one for EMS. This blog is in the EMS category. A third award will be awarded by a panel of judges.

The competition is steep. Some of the other blogs in the final round have 10 times more readers. But with God, all things are possible.

Now its time to get out the votes.

To vote, you must visit one of the host pages which are listed below:

To vote at the Fire Critic website go here

To vote at EMS1 go here

To vote on Facebook, go to the EMS1 page (click like) and cast your vote.

Please consider posting this story or a link to one of these pages on your social network sites. If you’d like to use Twitter, here is a hashlink for the contest: #EMSBlog12

Thanks so much for sharing this dream with me.

Praying Medic

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