Mar 4, 2012

Raise The Dead - Training

Dead Raising Team Training

Three Locations and Times:

March 30 - April 1 - Tri-Cities, Washington.

April 13 - 14 - Tacoma, Washington

April 20 - 21 - Elmira, New York

Tyler Johnson and the Dead Raising Teams have been doing just that. Not only are people healed and delivered but to date, eight people have been raised from the dead right here in North America.

Delving into the reality of resurrection power, this training is for those that desire to walk in the miraculous, especially pertaining to raising the dead.

We realize this is uncommon for most, thus the training starts with more basic teaching and builds from there.

Those that go through this training will have the option to be apart of the first DRT in this region.

Register early, these trainings fill up quickly! Register at:

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  1. This sounds very interesting, but could you please provide substantive, documented evidence of each of the eight people previously raised from the dead? I am a believer, but the problems with last year's false reports coming out of Bethel, Redding, have many in my church hesitant to take part. We'd love to be a part, just want to always be certain miracles are 100% real. Thanks and blessings to you!

  2. Alice - thanks for your question. Its a very good one. "Can we provide substantive, documented evidence....?" Unfortunately, we cannot. I've read some of the testimonies from the Dead Raising Team and unfortunately, verification is not available for a number of reasons.

    These resurrections did not happen in a controlled, clinical setting where medical verification would have been available. In one of the cases, a drowned swimmer was found on a beach and after an extended field resuscitation failed, one of the team members prayed and the man came back to life. He left the scene and was never heard from again.

    I'll give you a link to Tyler Johnson's blog, which has some of the testimonies posted there. You can contact him through the blog for more information.

    Regarding "false reports" out of Bethel last year - I don't know what reports you are referring to, so I can't elaborate on that. If you have questions about specific reports, I'd be happy to look into them.

    Finally, on the issue of miracles being "100% real" - you bring up a thorny issue for many people. The issue being, "What constitutes adequate evidence of a miracle?"

    There isn't a consensus as to what standards should be used to verify miracles of healing. Some would prefer every claim to be verified with MRI's, CT scans or blood tests, but that doesn't happen very often. I try to present cases on this website that have a high degree of credibility, but even the people I see healed in my own practice are not always tested and I seldom hear from them afterward.

    If I can be of further help, please let me know.

    Here is the link to Tyler's blog:

  3. Thanks for following up, I'll definitely take a look at Tyler's blog. And I do realize the difficulty of validating every miracle, it's just that resurrecting the dead is such a fantastic event and it always seems like any anonymous testimony is taken at face value because people just want to believe it's true. While I applaud the faith it takes to believe and to attempt to raise the dead, the problem at least in the past year is the one huge bad example to come out of Bethel.

    Basically, there were reports that 16 people killed in the Brazil floods were raised from the dead by a medical team lead by a Bethel member, and after months and months of Bethel leadership insisting they were 100% certain that the story was true after it came under harsh scrutiny, it was finally revealed to be a hoax that was never spoken of again by the same leaders who claimed they actually met the people who performed the resurrections. What started as an amazing testimony ended in a lot of hurt and confusion. My son in law is a missionary in Brazil and he had hosted groups of ministry students, and even he got caught in the turmoil of the false reports when he did some initial investigation.

    Anyway, not to belabor that point, I will always be a seeker of truth and I keep my eyes on my own salvation and testimony. I just always try to be careful when it comes to the reporting of miracles as big as resurrection from the dead because I've seen the damage it can do when it becomes entertainment to those who are going to believe any and all secondhand reports that support what they already believe instead of an undeniable miracle that melts even the most jaded heart. Blessings to you and yours, and I hope you DO see some undeniable miracles in the coming weeks!

  4. Thanks for the clarification, Alice. I'm familiar with the story. I almost posted it on this website, but I decided to wait until verification could be obtained and it never came.

    Thanks again!