Sep 16, 2011

The Case of The Missing Tumors

Imagine you're a surgeon. Now imagine that your next case is a patient diagnosed with an unknown type of tumor. You are asked to expose the tumor and either biopsy or remove it if possible. Prior to the procedure you review the CT scans to verify the size and location. But when you open the patient up, you find no trace of the tumor, which was there a few days ago.

What would you conclude concerning the whereabouts of this tumor?

Did it vanish for no apparent reason? Does scientific research support such a concept?

Did the patient experience spontaneous remission? How do we know this is the right explanation?

What would you think if someone told you that the previous night a paramedic and his friends commanded the tumor to leave?

Here are two such stories:

On Sunday night (September 11) I received a prayer request from a friend. She asked me to post a prayer request on Facebook for her friend who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. So on Monday night, I posted the prayer request. For my part, I decided not to do a lot of warfare for her. I've been hearing God suggest that all I need to do is make a declaration in faith. (Be advised, if you don't have a lot of faith for healing, this may not work for you) I declared that the doctors would find no tumor. Here's the message I received the following evening:

"Update on Jen: There was no brain tumor!!! Yay!!! The doctors did find some abnormal veins that bled which caused her seizures so they removed those and she'll have a complete recovery Thanks for the prayers!"
- Steph Kincaid

On Wednesday night I received another prayer request for a person with a tumor. Here is the request and my response (taken from my Facebook wall)

Karen Landis Champaign
Asking for agreement in prayer for my sister Sherry. They found a tumor on her thyroid and she has to go in for a biopsy tomorrow. She has to be awake for the procedure so we are declaring peace and a good report.
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Beth McDonald Quarterman
I agree with you in Jesus' All Powerful Name!!! amen, all Glory to God!!!!
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Karen Landis Champaign
Thanks Beth!!
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Praying Medic
Praying and standing on a report of no tumor found.
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Here is the report posted on my wall last night:

Karen Landis Champaign
Thank you all for your prayers. I talked to my sister about an hour ago. She said when they took her into the surgery room , there were so many people. The Dr. asked her if it would be ok with her if they could test a new high tech ultra sound machine out on her. What was she going to say ... So while they are doing the ultra sound, They all started whispering among themselves. She got very nervous. When the team left, The Dr. had to make sure the original films where hers. He said .. they could not find a tumor or mass. She was so excited. So she is home and praising the Lord for being her great physician.
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We must all decide what to believe in these cases. We can only explain these events as coincidence, spontaneous remission or wishful thinking for so long, before the argument loses it power. The most logical explanation is that there must be something supernatural going on, that medical professionals have yet to fully understand.

Stick around and I'll do my best to explain it and help you incorporate divine healing in your own practice.


  1. declaration of faith. that caught my spirit. CERTAINTY. I so am sitting there with you. There is NO OTHER WAY it can go but to be healed. HE already delivered you we just recieve it. SOZO. Yes my friend, sounds like you crossed over into a different reality. Love you.

  2. Thanks Sue. You're a blessing, as always. Keep me in prayer.

  3. Thanks, Praying Medic.. I'm going to include a couple of these testimonies for a meeting this Sat with college and grad students.. May just share testimonies from around the world for a half hour before going into ministry.

  4. Sounds great Anton. Let me know if you need any more info or anyone in the class would be interested in learning about healing.