Sep 22, 2011

Jason McCoy Testimony - Part 3

Jason is a friend I met on Facebook. He has seen hundreds of people healed. Here are some observations about the power of words and a testimony of vision restored from a story he shared with me.

I’m finding that the vehicle or context for healing doesn’t matter. It can be in person, over the phone, on email, chat, skype or just at a distance. Once, I was praying in a chat for a woman who was about to have eye surgery to repair her cornea. She had lost a significant amount of her near and far vision.

I had been thinking about the study Dr. Masaru Emoto did on the effects of words on the structure of water. When words of “cursing” or negative statements were placed against the glass of tanks of water, when frozen it produced chaotic, erratic patterns in the ice structure. Conversely, when words of blessing were placed against the glass, the frozen water produced beautiful, harmonious, symmetrical patterns.

I thought about how our universe was created by words and that God’s LIFE transfers through them. As I typed words into the chat window, I was aware that this was no different and that my words of blessing would carry the LIFE of Christ into her eyes. I asked her to try reading and her near vision was restored!