Sep 3, 2011

Healing Mary

One problem with moving to a new area is finding a good hair stylist. I don’t have that problem, thanks to some weird genes I got from my dad. But my wife likes to look her best and I appreciate that. She has a philosophy about finding a stylist that works for her. When she sees a woman with nice looking hair, she asks what salon she goes to. Last night was her first appointment at a salon in Mesa called Among Friends.

With all the crazy Holy Spirit fun we had with her last hair stylist – I had high hopes for her new one.

Would she be a Christian?

Would she need healing?

Would she have a sense of humor?

Or would she think we were crazy?

I walked with my daughter across the street for a slurpee while Mary and my sweetie got acquainted. When we got back, it didn’t take long before our questions were answered.

We talked about what brought us to Arizona and some of the things we’ve done since moving. I wanted to know if she attended church, so I mentioned that we went to a church in Tucson that had some cool ministries. She came back with a lot of info on the local church and Christian music scene. Christ Tomlin is one of her favorite singers, which gave me an immediate connection, since he’s one of the people who inspired me to play guitar.

I told her about some of the amazing things God has done with us recently, mainly about dreams and healing. She was fascinated. As she clipped and styled, I shared some of the more unusual healing testimonies.

My wife had a job interview scheduled for the following day. Mary said, "I know you'll get the job. Everyone who comes to me before a job interview gets the job they interview for. It's like my ministry to people. I give them hairstyles for success."

A young boy came to the door and Mary went to see what he wanted. As she walked, my daughter noticed her limping slightly and mentioned it to me. I looked and sure enough, I could see either her right hip or right knee was giving her problems. When she returned, I asked what happened. Slightly embarrassed, she pulled up her pant leg revealing some scabbed over puncture wounds. Looking closer at her knee, it was easy to see it was swollen. “I tripped and fell on some rocks. My knee has been in a lot of pain ever since.”

I said, “Well then, why don’t we get you healed before we leave.”

So let me explain that. I’ve seen God’s power heal so many people lately, I have complete faith that if someone allows us to pray, they’re probably going to be healed. I’m that confident in God’s power and willingness to heal.

As Mary put a few finishing touches on my wife's hair, we continued talking about God and the great things He’s done. She kept saying she was part of our family.

We shared a few of the hardships we’ve suffered with our biological families. But Mary has a strong love for the people of God. The hour we spent with her was like a long – awaited family reunion. When the hair styling was done, we had her sit in the chair. I gave her a short lesson on healing from Luke 10 and illustrated it with the healing by Peter of the lame man at the gate beautiful (Acts 3:2). I asked how bad her pain was on a scale from 1 to 10. She said it was about an 8.

I had my daughter lay hands on her and pray. She immediately felt something moving in her knee and a slightly cool sensation. My wife and I joined in. I commanded her ligaments, tendons, cartilage, nerves and bones to be healed, while my wife prayed in tongues. I asked Mary what she felt. Not surprisingly, she said, “tingling”. We had her get up. She was able to walk with only slight pain. I asked if we could pray one more time, so she sat down and we prayed once more. Our newest friend got up from the chair amazed and walked around the salon without any pain.

The hair appointment turned into hugfest. Before leaving, we prayed for her to have dreams from God, since she hasn’t had any in years. I hated the fact that we had to leave, but it was getting late and I had to get up early for work the next day.

So that was our adventure from last night. It’s all true and it’s all good, because God is so in love with people and He loves to prove it through people like you and me.

Healing is easy. Anyone who has the Holy Spirit living in them can do it. Be Jesus to the people in your life today.

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